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"Snow shoe the Maah Daah Hey and Long X trails"


My friend and I snow shoed the 4 mile loop twice and the two mile loop once. There is an 11 mile loop that has more elevation change and maybe we will try next year. The views are incredible and even at -10 degrees as long as you have your layers on and move it'll be a comfortable hike.

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Sarah Feist
Hazen, North Dakota

"Poco Rio Frio is THE fat bike ride!"


First, the race is extremely well run! The volunteers treat you like family. The course is set in one of the most beautiful places on earth!
After my second lap at -10 degrees I asked for a towel? A towel? Yes, I need one to wipe the smile off my face!! Ha!

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Chuck Picard
Apple Creek, North Dakota

"Crazy frigid times!"


I completed all three fat bike loops -- the 2, 4, and 11 mile routes. The 2 and 4 mile loops were very nice, especially the 4 mile loop which was on the frozen creek for about half the route. These two shorter routes were also less exposed to the frigid wind.

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Chad Hanna
Blackhawk, South Dakota

"A MUST DO if you ride fat tire,, snowshoe or cross country ski!! "


I’m hooked! What a beautiful winter ride on the well groomed Maah Daah Hey trail through the beautiful Badlands of North Dakota. There are 3 single track loops to choose from: 2 mile, 4 mile, or 11 mile. You can do any or all of them as many or few times as you’d like.

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Brad Bosch
Briarwood, North Dakota

"Fun in the cold"


Had a blast at the POCO RIO FRiO. The course was amazing I loved biking down the creek with all its twists and bends.

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Dickinson, North Dakota

"Good time with friends"


We did the 11 mile show shoe - its was very challenging with below 0 windchills all day. Kept warm by keeping on. It was a great way to spend a Saturday with friends, took us about 7 hours.

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jonathan aisenbrey
Sidney, Montana