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"Seriously one of hardest and most badass races ever"


Let's start with Nick. This guy is awesome and is the reason the rest of us have this opportunity. Thanks again rock!

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Trey Dalton
Chandler, Arizona

"Definitely worth the 23 hr drive"


I did the 100+ mile race and it was great. More challenging than I expected (all those little climbs add up!). Scenery was great, volunteers were awesome (and motivating) trail was super fun. Well run race, definitely one to put on your list.

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Jon L
Alcoa, Tennessee



This was a fantastic race. The trail isn't overly technical, but you'd better have some endurance! The scenery is amazing, so much so that I had to keep reminding myself to stay focused on what I was doing.

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Brent Schumacher
St. Paul, Minnesota

"Great race"


It’s hard. It’s single track but you earn it going up and down. Tons of aid stations with enthusiastic volunteers. Beautiful terrain. Both Watford City and Medora are beautiful!

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Darren Hull
Cora, Wyoming

"Most fun DNF I've ever had. "


I attempted the 100-mile race and made it to mile 55 before getting ill, but I can honestly say I've never had that much fun trying!

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Jenny B
Austin, Texas

"Awesome Experience "


One of the most challenging things I have done or will ever do. Despite the suffering it was totally worth it.

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Geoff Lauinger
Ashland, North Dakota

"Worth it"


Options to challenge any experience level. Awesome terrain and well organized.

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Daniel Aichele
Killdeer, North Dakota

"Truly Remarkable in Every Way"


First, if the only thing you did at this race was meet Nick Ybarra, it would be worth the trip. His commitment, sincerity, and his humility are inspiring. Then, you get to meet the team of volunteers that have stepped forward to make this race possible.

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Robert Jones
East Greenbush, New York

"Funniest Rime at the raddest race in the baddest place!"


I didn’t the 25 Mile race and had a BLAST! First time doing a Facebook on the MDH and my longest distance. I am hooked! A fantastic time and the volunteers were awesome!

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Apple Creek, North Dakota

"Sore kansas Geezer"


Im 51 years old and this was my first mountain bike or pedal race ever. I completed the 75 and it was one of the toughest things ive ever done. Mostly fighting through the leg cramps. All of the volunteers Were very warm and friendly keeping me motivated.

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Mark Slawson
Grove, Kansas