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"Challenging race"


Due to the weather, the course was extremely challenging because of the mud. Other than that, which can't be controlled, the race was excellent. The guys at CKRM did a great job and I have already signed up for next year's race.

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Glenn Richardson
Douglass Hills, Kentucky

"Challenging course"


First, due to severe rain over the prior week (including the night before and during the race) the trails were extremely muddy and basically non-runable. Obviously that's out of the hands of the organizers. So, I will focus on those things they can control.

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chris boyd
Simpsonville, Kentucky

"The Falls 50"


Challenging course on the average day. Exceptionally challenging on race day thanks to mother nature. Awesome property with great trails and views. Race directors did an awesome job!

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Jackson, Ohio

"100 miler"


Maybe a bit tough to try your first 100, but a great course. Good mix between the roads and trails. From the set up to the guest speaker to the finish line this was a great event.

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Elizabethtown, Kentucky

"Falls 50 miler"


The course itself is mostly runnable and presented as challenging yet certainly doable. The conditions on this particular day, however, made the course one of the most daunting and exhausting ultras I've done so far.

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Mike Williams
Brandenburg, Kentucky

"Marathon Finisher"


Course would have been challenging without the rain and mud, but the support was exceptional! I will definitely consider the 100 mi race next year if the weather permits. (i.e. no rain)

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Canyon Lake, Texas

"The most Challenging but Amazing Experience"


I only ran the half marathon on this race but with all the extra obstacles that mother nature threw in for free it felt like I ran the 50 miler. It was the most challenging race that I have ever done but in the same instance it was the most rewarding! I can not wait to do it again next year!

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Heather Woosley

"CKR is the bomb!"


CKR, sponsors and volunteers were so awesome in managing the race and supporting runners on what turned out to be extremely difficult conditions! They all genuinely care about us and the cause that we were supporting.

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David Friedson
Coldstream, Kentucky

"50 miler"


All the race directors & volunteers were so helpful during the race. I honestly believe that if I didn’t have a great experience with them I wouldn’t come back. The layout of the course was great, but the rain made the course horrible to run in.

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George Savage
Franklin, Indiana

"Half marathon review"


Loved the speaker, pre race spaghetti meal and. Staff. Enjoyed the race and hope to run the marathon next.

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Bryson McGary
Masonville, Kentucky