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Awesome race, super fun, worth driving from Vegas for! One of the few races I'd make a point of doing again!

Additional feedback, based on my experience running the 5k in 2018:

Post race party: The post race party had to be one of the absolute BEST I've been to of well over 100 races I've attended. I had a blast! The beer, music, and location made for perfect atmosphere and I had the best time. As long as the DJ can work just a tiiiiiiiny bit on keeping the music upbeat (it was 90% on point!) and staying off his phone, you'll have my vote for #1 post race party!

The course, aid, and photography: The course was amazing! I'm not a fan of any undulations whatsoever but it was scenic and perfect for being social during. The close but spacious enough course design was perfect for high-fiving and waving at people on the way out or return. It was also a great way, particularly for out-of-towners, to see Laughlin. I really enjoyed it a lot. Walkers and slower runners did block the course for me a couple of times and maybe need to be told pre-race to keep an eye out for and move out of the way for other participants. I had to shout to warn one person to move so she wouldn't get plowed over. Not too bad though! The only other things I could recommend are putting the photographer in a spot where runners wont block each other from photos or perhaps getting a second photographer. More importantly, have water-providing volunteers on either both sides of the course or at least have them make an effort to get more to the inside of where the course curves to get water to runners. Actually, maybe just put the aid station on a straight section. It's hard to justify moving to the outside on a curve to grab water during a 5k and skipping aid isn't great either. Not a huge criticism though! I didnt need the water. I just would've taken it if I could've reached it more easily. :)

The awards ceremony: I feel bad about the negative remarks this race has received on this! I truly LOVED the personal approach taken with this and all the effort put in to making this special for everyone. The setting was perfect for everyone to be able to watch and cheer each other on, photo opportunities were spot on (though somehow the photographer missed the 1st place female 5k award and maybe some other key moments.. :/ ), and the prizes were fantastic. The best prizes possible are definitely those which let participants commemorate the event and how they did in it, imo. I truly could not complain about the awards ceremony except, obviously, regarding the length. Perhaps the personal notes and/or mini interviews could be saved for overall winners to expedite the process. If necessary, the awards ceremonies could be separate for each race so that 5k runners dont have to wait for half marathoners, for example. Not sure what else? I can tell that the organizers consistently put a lot of effort into improving this event so I'm sure they'll take feedback into consideration and come up with something! :)

Race shirts: I vote for smaller size availability! Men's smalls and mediums were both out when we arrived and the women's small was pretty big. Granted, I didnt get to do packet pick up at the expo the day before, as driving out the day before wasnt practical for me as a Vegas resident, but I still think that at least something smaller than a large should have been available race morning, at least for pre-registered runners. Maybe offer shirt size selection during registration so you'll have correct quantities available. Ordering spares, letting people trade their sizes, and having shirts available for late registrants can then be at organizers discretion but everyone will at least get the shirts they originally requested. Shirt measurements being provided during registration could be an option. All that said, I dont think I really care about collecting race shirts anymore. I'm not sure if everyone else would agree but if so maybe the race could save money by not offering them or charging for them as an optional add-on.

That's all that comes to mind! Anyway, I definitely enjoyed this event and hope to run it again in the future!

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If you're looking for an excuse to check out Laughlin or get out for a day, make this race it!
Aleta Ewing
Henderson, Nevada