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I raced the sprint.
Start: Well organized with a thorough but succinct brief before the race started. Plenty of volunteers on hand for marking, check-in, organization, and information.
Swim: The swim was in a 50m pool and involved snaking through the pool. There wasn't a lot of room for passing in the middle two lanes (lanes had bidirectional swimmer traffic), but were fine outside of that.
T1: Path from the pool to T1 was clean, clearly marked, and short. Transition area was slightly crowded, but still safely arranged.
Bike: Bike course was very well marked. Volunteers and/or police were present at all intersections to stop traffic. Road was smooth, fast, and clear of any debris. Bike course was out-and-back, 12.6 miles per my computer. There were a few rolling hills, but the course was mostly flat. Turns were fast with nice broad radii, save for the turnaround point itself.
T2: Path back in from the bike course was well marked. Volunteers were present at the bike mount/dismount point. Path to run-out was well marked and free of any obstruction (personnel or otherwise) by the time I went through.
Run: OMG, the HILLS! Run started with a moderate hill climb and had a couple of very substantial hills. There were a couple of markers missing on the run, but it was almost perfect. Last leg of the run was downhill to the finish - a nice motivation booster.
Finish: Well marked, lots of people on hand to cheer you on and make sure you really know you finished.

Overall: Great organization, fantastic volunteer team, fast but challenging course, plenty of water stations, unique awards, and just all around a ton of fun. I'll definitely be back next year.

Top Tips: 
Be ready to run hills. As with all races, drive the course the day before to get familiar with it. If you're tall, you might have to tip your bike to get it under the racks.
Avery Abbott
Columbia, Missouri