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There were a few things disappointing that I'd like to bring to the race coordinators attention. In choosing a hotel to have triathletes in, please do a site visit and be sure the hotel can accommodate your athletes. The La Quinta charged double their normal rate and gave us substandard rooms and service. They could not accommodate late check out although the race conditions made us run late. They had stairs to climb even after you got off their elevators, etc. Please do a site visit for the future.
Now to the race: All the swim angels were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without them I couldn't imagine doing this race under the conditions we faced.
There needs to signage along the bike and run course. During the bike, the police allowed a sanitation truck to come onto the course as I was riding. I almost slipped off my bike trying to avoid the huge truck. Volunteers along the bike course didn't really know the course. I found myself yelling at them to get directions. Since it was an open course, alert the neighbors so they are aware of the type of traffic they will encounter. My teammate fell off her bike twice because someone was speeding out of their driveway. I think the signage would alert the community and pick up the slack for the volunteers. The pouring rain didn't help.
The run course was decent. Although hot, Gatorade or something other than water should be on the course.
The sandwiches and refreshments after the race was good and appreciated! I know it's not easy to put on a race but these little changes would make an athlete's experience better. Oh and the parking lot across from the hotel could be manned when we are their. Newbies nerves are bad and help was needed. A volunteer can be there for future.
I may do it again next year but please consider some of these changes. Oh and the EXPO can definitely use some more vendors. Maybe a vendor that is selling ponchos, socks, fuel, etc. Things that a newbie (i'm not a newbie) would need on race day that they may have forgotten.
And the amazing women that I met was priceless! Love the GIRL POWER

Top Tips: 
Put up signage along your course. Even the signs warning you about the course conditions. Add a glossary to your website. Lots of women didn't know what a swim angel was.
Donna Holloway
New York City, New York