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Distance: 50k, 31 miles

Cutoff: The final cutoff time for this event is 8 hours (3pm). Runners will be expected to carry the slowest pace possible throughout the entire course. If a runner falls significantly behind pace, The Algonquin Crew reserves the right to pull a runner from the race at anytime and anywhere on the course.

The Course will be a modified out and back, the middle portion will be different going up and returning. This course is 95% trails. Some of the trails are single track and some are wider horse trails. It is completely flat, which should make for a relatively fast 50k. There are a few miles that are sandy and some points there might be water covering the trail. The race will begin and end at Milburn Landing area of The Pocomoke River State Park.

There will be well-stocked aid stations every five to six miles with water, electrolyte drink, soda, boiled potatoes, something sweet and something salty. 

Be prepared for cold, rain, snow, mud and possible frozen conditions. There will be a few road crossings, be aware. Most crossings will have volunteers and the traffic is minimal to nonexistent in the area during February. Horses will follow the last runners to ensure a safe return to the finish line. 

There is no rain date. We will run in the rain, snow, and sleet.
Only a "force majeure" which makes EMS, Aid stations and support staff unable to function will be cause for cancellation. In the event of a cancellation, no refunds or credits will be applied to future events. 

Handmade local Ceramic Mugs will be given to all the finishers....

Awards for the top 3 men and top 3 women... And I mean big trophies!

The Algonquin 50k is a community-based, eco-friendly, volunteer supported, non-profit event whose mission is to promote, maintain, increase trails on Delmarva. We work closely with Maryland Parks and Maryland Forest to provide a safe, fun, exciting race.

Additional information:

No bib transfers or bandits 
Bib numbers should be visible at all times
No littering. Pack in, pack out. 
Runners should stay on the established course
Runners who drop out should turn in their bib to the first ALQ crew member
No pacers, but runners may have friends and/or family run with them from the end of the Algonquin trail to the finish line 
No refunds or deferrals
No dogs for runners
No early or late starts
Runners’ crews may meet and assist runners only at aid stations

21 Reviews

Customer Reviews

"The day I changed as a runner"


Great race. I rated the course a 1 because it is literally hell but I think most runners at things like this prefer it that way. The value of this race is indescribable, particularly if you are into weeping during the last 3 miles of a run.

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Matthew Green
Fruitland, Maryland

"Great race"


Well organized, fast and runnable course.

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Jim Garlick
Calumet, Pennsylvania

"Blood or Mud"


The course is well marked and works you hard for your mug. Depending on weather conditions the course can be riddled with sections of ankle deep puddles or you can try to cut around and get raked by briars. Sections of the course have powder sand but overall a good rugged trail Ultra.

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Jeff R.
Fruitland, Maryland

"Pocomokian Local Yokel "


For a flat-ultra', it has its share of challenging sections (for sure!) and it "runs" a tad harder than it looks like it would on paper. Race Organization is top-notch, you'll feel the love. Highly recommended whether it's your first or hundredth Ultra!

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Pocomoke City, Maryland

"Just a little water..."


My second 50k race. I had heard great things about the inaugural event and decided to sign up. I was impressed by the communication leading up to the race, the quick replies, and the incredible amount of support for runners.

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Rachel Rosenblatt
Baltimore, Maryland



From before the race start to the finish I was so spoiled. One of the most organized trail races I have ever run with plenty of food before and after the race and at all the aid stations. All of the volunteers truly cared about the runners and were looking out for us.

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Stephanie Ruzicka
Chatham, New Jersey

"Could not dream of a better one for my first ultra!"


My longest run ever was 19 miles so that I was a bit nervous about this race. I was also wondering how much I could enjoy a race flat like a pancake. But I did not know that I would have to water run, beach run and mud run which definitely created challenges and variety.

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Philippe Barzin
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

"Best race, best people, run the Algonquin 50km!!!"


What an exciting event, the friendliest people period. This race takes care of every single detail you don’t even think of...they do.

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Maria Miller
Bivalve, Maryland

"Amazing "


Amazing atmosphere from the runners, crew, support personal. It is like no other race I've participated in. Great course that is challenging but still sections that allow for speed. They made an even better race in year 2.

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Andrew Haynie

"My first 50k!!"


Approaching race day, I was really worried because this was my very first 50k (actually, I hadn’t even run a marathon before so my goal was lofty). Turns out, I had nothing to fear.

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Braddock Hills, Pennsylvania