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"Great race, especially if you're new to triathlon"


Especially if you are new to triathlon, I don't think you could find a better local race. It's inexpensive, but you get a lot of value.

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Edina, Minnesota

"First Triathlon"


Sprint Triathlon, perfect first triathlon in a clean small scenic lake and area. I appreciate not having to pay for a t-shirt, something I am not interested in having. It was nice to have hotdogs for everyone, very simple and efficient.

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Kristi Karsten
Haverhill, Minnesota

"My first tri. Had a blast!"


Great event, great people, great course!
Will be back next year!
Highly recommend

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Joe Gaetz
Hudson, Wisconsin

"Best race for first timers"


Talk about no pressure / no embarrassment / no finishing while others are leaving!! How the mini sprint is set up is quite simply awesome!! You finish at the same time as the others that are doing the full sprint, so you are involved in the race vs feeling like everyone is judging your speed.

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David Van't Hul
Hospers, Iowa



I love that one can customize their race. There is so much energy flowing among the athletes, volunteers, and family/friends cheering on, you can't help but be swept up and TRI your best!

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Crystal, Minnesota

"The Best Tri I've Ever Done!"


2nd time for me and long as I am able I'll be here! Did my first tri summer of 1985.... tri in shoreview. But Doobie's Tri bar none is the funnest one I have done, thanks to the surrounding cast of the best volunteers! Doobie and his people are the best, already looking forward to next year! 

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Tim Chisholm
Amador, Minnesota

"One of the BEST!"


This race had so many good things going on: Best organized and most fun Race Director, Great Announcer, lots of helpful volunteers, clean lake, fun course, and excellent awards.

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Judy Rykken
Bloomington, Minnesota

"My favorite race of the year in the Twin Cities"


Doobie does an amazing job with this event and it is perfect for athletes of all fitness levels. Whether its your first or 50th, this is the one to participate in. Love the course, Love the staff, Love this event. RayJ

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Dayton, Minnesota

"Great swim support"


Lots of volunteers swimming and paddling nearby along the entire course to make sure everyone was doing ok. I had at least 3 volunteers check in with me as I slowly swam the course - such great support makes it safe for newbies like me to get started. I'll be back.

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Chanhassen, Minnesota

"Best tri for new or experienced racers"


So well organized, has an amazing and helpful race director, great location, great course. If you’re new to triathlon, there isn’t another race that beats this one - they cater to any distance you want to try for any portion of the race and the swim Angel option you can’t find anywhere else.

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Joseph Meier
Eden Prairie, Minnesota